Message From the President


Please accept warm greetings. I write this message to you as the new President of Bethel Bible College of the Caribbean- Jamaica. I am delighted that my denominational leaders, under God’s influence, selected and appointed me to serve in this special position. It is not lost on me that this is one of the most significant positions in the New Testament Church of God in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. I am also deeply humbled and honoured to be given this tremendous job at such a time as this.

In what appears to be the post-COVID-19 world with its “new normal” due to the disastrous impact of the pandemic, I step into this new role knowing that challenges and struggles lie ahead. However, I am profoundly convinced that God has prepared and empowered me to face and deal effectively with all of them. It is my firm view that some of Bethel’s greatest days are yet to occur. It is my prayer and wish that they would happen during my tenure as I seek to give transformational, historic, and era-defining leadership.

Before I look ahead, I would like to express sincere gratitude to Rev. Dr. Donald Roberts who served as President faithfully and efficiently for the last 10 years. His leadership was undoubtedly robust, visionary, and exceptional. He had the distinction of initiating our Bethel Online system and retrofitting one of our classrooms for hybrid course delivery before the pandemic emerged in the world. He also led us throughout the pandemic over the last two years and took the College to new heights in terms of the number of enrolled and registered students. May the Lord bless him abundantly as he moves back into the pastorate for even greater service at the Mandeville New Testament Church of God.

I express gratitude to the administrative and ancillary staff on the main campus and at the extensions for their yeoman service to this noble institution. I also thank the faculty for their sacrificial and undying commitment to Bethel. Many of these lecturers have been serving for several years. All our faculty members, particularly those who have been with us for a while, have given outstanding and commendable service, especially throughout the pandemic. Kudos to the staff and faculty!

As we look forward to the 2022-2023 academic year, I welcome with open arms all the new members of staff, including our new Academic Dean, Rev. Dr. Ajilon Ferdinand. I also welcome all our returning students and our new students. Some of the returning students will be living on the campus for the first time in over two years in our facilities, which have been renovated to house them. Many others will continue to study online or in a hybrid format. Our new students come to us from varying backgrounds with the call of God on their lives.

Our mission at Bethel Bible College of the Caribbean- Jamaica is to advance the Kingdom of God by producing spiritually equipped, socially aware, morally sound, and servant-oriented individuals, who will contribute to the transformation of the church and the world. We will be rolling out a new vision and strategic plan for the College. There will be a focus on establishing connections with Bethel’s alumni all over the world, identifying new sponsors and donors, and procuring a new student management system to serve as the basis of the continued transformation of the College into a cutting-edge educational and ministry training entity.

If you are reading this message and contemplating applying to become a student of BBCC-J, I encourage you to apply online and follow through with the process. The Spirit of God perhaps led you here to be inspired before you apply. You will be joining a family with a rich heritage and a great future. Bethel can change your life and empower you to change other people’s lives in the church and in the world. 

Let us go Forward Together with Agility, Innovation and Loving Service to the glory of God.

Earlmont M. M. Williams, Rev. Dr.