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Effective January 2020, the Bethel Bible College of the Caribbean - Jamaica will be offering courses online through its NEW BethelONLINE facility. Using the Moodle and Zoom platforms, prospective students will now have the option of being trained in theology using virtual means.

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Message from the President


The year 2020 has probably been the most significant period in our lifetime. The COVID-19 pandemic has disturbed and rampaged the lives of all nations, institutions, families, and individuals. Bethel Bible College of the Caribbean – Jamaica has not escaped its impact and we are still reeling from it. Notwithstanding, the institution was ahead of the curve because we had employed the Zoom and Moodle platforms for teaching and learning prior to the onset of the virus in the island. We had started training our faculty in their use and had put personnel and things in place; BethelOnline was already operating. We nevertheless had to send home the residential students and ceased face to face instruction on March 12, 2020. These students resumed classes on April 20, 2020, by way of the Zoom platform, while those using Moodle were not disturbed. The extension campuses completed their year with the employment of various social media, as well as face to face engagements in controlled circumstances.

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