Strategic Focus

2016 – 2021

The strategic focus of Bethel Bible College of the Caribbean – Jamaica will give priority to eight areas over the next five years (2016 - 2021). It has been developed out of an understanding of the College’s vision, mission, core values, and philosophy, and will be implemented within the context of intentionality, flexibility and practicality.

Priority 1: Academic Personnel and Programme Development

Strengthening of faculty, expansion of academic resources, and widening of the College’s academic offerings, including introduction of new programmes and strengthening existing ones.

Priority 2: Spiritual Vitality and Ministry Readiness

Encourage and sustain deeper spirituality and ministry preparedness driven by biblical values and a Pentecostal theology.

Priority 3: Public Relations and Community Outreach

Strengthen the College’s public relations efforts and deepen its community outreach. 

Priority 4: Administrative and Financial Management

Improve administrative and financial management to achieve greater efficiency, accountability and more effective use of resources.

Priority 5:  Students’ Affairs

Create a more student friendly environment where the academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of students are addressed.

Priority 6:  Strategic Partnerships and Networking

Strengthen partnerships with colleges and organizations that will benefit Bethel and its students.

Priority 7: Facilities and Equipment

Improve and expand facilities to satisfy growing needs. Acquire and maintain equipment to add quality to the teaching/learning environment.

Priority 8: Continuing Education Opportunities for Clergy and Laity

Increase opportunities for laity and clergy to be trained and better equipped for ministry and missions.

Bethel Bible College of the Caribbean - Jamaica is confident that it has at its disposal competent leadership to guide the plan through its various stages of implementation.  There is also the consciousness that this plan is not cast in stone and there are many external variables that can affect the College’s priorities. The stakeholders of the College are committed to realizing its strategic vision.