The Lindsay Arscott Lecture

In celebration of the rich academic traditions of Bethel Bible College and in honour of Lindsay J. Arscott, a true minister of God and outstanding educator, who epitomized servant leadership and academic excellence!

Reflections on the life of Lindsay Arscott

July 29, 1935 - December 29, 2002

Lindsay Arscott

Lindsay Arscott


A dignified and graceful individual, Lindsay Arscott was born to the late Rev. Alvan and Mrs. Leteria Arscott in the parish of St. Ann. He was the ninth of twelve children. At age 15 Lindsay accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour.

Lindsay completed his primary and secondary education at Muirhouse, St. Ann. In 1959 he enrolled at Bethel Bible College and graduated in 1962. In 1972 he studied for his Bachelor of Theology and Advanced Teachers’ Certificate at Jamaica Theological Seminary. He pursued a Master of Divinity Degree in 1981 at the Church of God School of Theology in Tennessee U.S.A.

At age 30 Lindsay married Evangeline and they produced two children. They made an admirable team, complementing each other and exemplifying an out-standing life of ministry and marital partnership.


In 1977, Lindsay Arscott succeeded Rev. Guy Notice as Principal at Bethel Bible College. After four years of service, Lindsay decided to further his studies and enrolled at the Church of God School of Theology in Tennessee, U.S.A., where he completed the Master of Divinity Degree.

In 1984 Lindsay returned to Bethel and was re-appointed as Principal of the College. Under Rev. Arscott’s leadership, hundreds of students were certified and are now actively involved in ministry in Jamaica and other parts of the world.

Lindsay Arscott’s ministry included over twenty-three years of service to Bethel Bible College, more than fifteen of which were spent as Principal. He also served over twenty years as a Pastor. He was tireless in his labour for the Lord and his ministry impacted the lives of many.

Scholarly Work

A proud achievement of Lindsay Arscott is his publication, “Forward in Faith,” a historical account of the emergence and development of the New Testament Church of God in Jamaica. This work grew out of a research project on church growth while he studied for his Bachelor’s degree at the Jamaica Theological Seminary. In this work Lindsay provides some clear insights concerning the factors that contributed to the growth of the NTCOG.

Lindsay Adolphus Arscott was indeed a man of excellence and honour and today he is proudly acclaimed as one of the distinguished fathers of the New Testament Church of God.