Internship/Community Service Practicum

The College also performs a vital service with ministry placement and follow-up.

Most of Bethel’s students are members of the New Testament Church of God and upon completion of their studies are recommended to the Administrative Bishop for placement in pastoral and/or other areas of Christian ministry.  Prior to this recommendation, however, it is mandatory that all students complete one academic year of internship.  This includes on site pastoral experience at a local church where they are being mentored by a senior pastor.

The essential purpose of the internship exercise is to give the student the opportunity to put into practice his/her theoretical understanding of ministry, garnered in his/her first three years of study, so that students can gain experience that will better equip him/her to take up the pastorate, after he completes his final year. The programme aims to produce ministers who have the capacity to participate in, and reflect theologically on ministry, in order to enhance their future involvement in the Christian service.

Students pursuing the Minor in Guidance and Counselling may choose to complete their practicum at a school where they might eventually gain employment.  They have other options in terms of completing other requirements elsewhere to meet the minimum standards of the Ministry of Education.  Career guidance is provided throughout the tenure of each student.