Institutional Goals & Objectives


Bethel Bible College of the Caribbean-Jamaica offers sound theological and ministry training relevant to the needs of church and society. The College’s goals are to develop and produce students who are:

  1. Spiritually mature, biblically and theologically grounded leaders who are able to impact society through their witness.
  2. Critical thinkers with a sound academic base who understand and can respond to the philosophical challenges of this age.
  3. Committed to the highest level of integrity and who are prepared to resist and challenge the immoral influences of this age.
  4. Equipped with the requisite ministry tools to respond to the complex ministry demands that will confront them in the church and society.
  5. Excellent communicators who are prepared to teach and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every context.
  6. Empowered by the Holy Spirit to live Christ-like lives and to serve the world in a Christ-like manner.
  7. Committed to life-long learning thus remaining relevant and ready to respond to the emerging challenges and opportunities of life and ministry.
  8. Emotionally intelligent and caring leaders with the ability to maintain strong healthy relationships and who are competent problem solvers.
  9. Passionate for community and national development and are willing to contribute selflessly in keeping with the values and dictates of the Kingdom of God.
  10. Global thinkers, who can prepare those they lead to recognize, interpret and respond to global trends that challenge their faith and threaten their existence.


  1. Strengthen faculty, expand academic resources, and broaden the College’s academic offerings, including the introduction of new programmes and the strengthening of existing ones.
  2. Encourage and sustain deeper spirituality and ministry preparedness driven by biblical values and a Pentecostal theology.
  3. Strengthen College’s public relations efforts and deepen its community outreach.
  4. Improve administrative and financial management to achieve greater efficiency, financial accountability and more effective use of resources.
  5. Create a more student-friendly environment where the academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of students are met.
  6. Strengthen partnership with related Colleges and organizations that will benefit Bethel and its students.
  7. Acquire and maintain necessary equipment to add quality to the teaching-learning environment and improve and expand facilities to satisfy growing needs.
  8. Increase opportunities for laity and clergy to be trained and better equipped for ministry and missions.