Student Aid & Scholarships

A limited number of scholarship and work-aid opportunities are available for qualified students. The scholarship opportunities are as follows:

  1. Student Work Scholarship
  2. President’s Scholarship
  3. Campus Community Service

The Student Work Scholarship provides assistance to students who are experiencing difficulty in paying their school fees. The student receiving the scholarship must have attended the College for at least one (1) year. The programme therefore provides employment for students who will be paid for work rendered, at a rate not less than the government of Jamaica’s minimum wage standard. Students participating in the programme are not allowed to work in excess of twenty five (25) hours per week. To be eligible, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have a GPA of at least 2.7
  2. Complete a Work Scholarship application form
  3. Be enrolled as a full-time resident student
  4. Be willing to sign a “Terms of Agreement” contract.

Campus Community Service serves to subsidize the cost of the student’s education. In agreeing to study at the College, the student indicates a willingness to participate actively in the overall maintenance of the campus. This includes the area of general upkeep of the College’s grounds and buildings. Hired help is kept to a minimum to reduce overheads; therefore, students are given the opportunity to assist in carrying out daily cleaning duties, kitchen duties (when assigned) and other maintenance work two afternoons per week. This service is considered to be a significant contribution to the operation of the College, and results in approximately twenty-five percent (25%) reduction in the fees charged. The general guidelines of Campus Community Service are outlined in the Student Handbook.

From time to time individuals, churches, and groups, offer to sponsor students, and some of our students have received significant assistance from these sources.