Chapel/Devotional Life

The College is firm in its commitment to the spiritual development of the student and make provisions through the following avenues:

  1. Private Devotions
    Private devotions are necessary for the proper spiritual growth of each individual.  Worship services, prayer meeting, and other activities are no substitute for personal devotions.  Students are expected to discipline themselves in complying with this important aspect of their development.
  2. Dorm Devotions
    The entire dorm is expected to meet one morning per week for communal devotion.
  3. Sunday Church Attendance
    All students are required to attend the local branches of the New Testament Church of God to which they have been assigned and are expected to be punctual and to actively participate in the ministries of that church.  Students who are not from the New Testament Church of God may attend services within their denominational grouping, if their local churches are within relative distance to the institution. Otherwise, they will be assigned to attend churches within the New Testament Church of God.
  4. Chapel Services
    The goal of theological education is to prepare and inspire persons to love and serve God truly and passionately.  In keeping with this goal one of the very significant aspects of our programme here at BBCC-J is our gathering for corporate worship twice each week.  The Bethel community values our chapel worship services as opportunities for meaningful worship, personal renewal and community fellowship.  The chapel must become a place where we can worship God in the beauty of holiness and hear God’s voice speak to us so that we can have an authentic voice in the world.  It is also a place of healing, confession and wrestling.  In our chapel services we celebrate and we reflect, we remember and we re-imagine.  It is a time where past, present and future converge.  Our chapel service is intended to be a high impact, Spirit led and life changing experience for members of the Bethel community and all others who participate with us.

    It is therefore crucial that disciplined planning and praying be put into these services.   Below are outlined some important guidelines that are intended to assist the community in its planning of these services. 
    1. Chapel begins at 11:10 and ends at 12:00 noon.
    2. It is important that chapel begins on time and ends on time (except when it is absolutely necessary to exceed the time).
    3. Each chapel time should include the items listed below. Not all services need to have items f and g but when they are included planners must remember that the other five elements of the service must not be minimized.
      1. Prayers
      2. Old and New Testament readings,
      3. Singing of contemporary and/ or traditional songs
      4. Teaching or proclamation of God’s Word
      5. Opportunity for reflection and response
      6. Testimonies
      7. Creative expressions
    4. All students and other participants need to be properly attired for chapel. Persons are not allowed to wear shorts, loose slippers, T-shirts or sleeveless attire
    5. Shortened chapel services will be held during examination periods.
    6. All teams are encouraged to use printed order of service or a multi media projector to heighten participation.
    7. All students, both residential and non-residential are expected to attend chapel services. Chapel is not optional.  Commuting students who find it difficult to attend because of their work or travelling challenges must seek special exemption from the Director of Student Services.
  5. Holy Communion
    The College celebrates communion once each semester.
  6. Evangelistic Outreach
    At least once every semester, the students conduct evangelistic outreach in a specially designated community.