General Admissions Policy


It is the policy of Bethel Bible College of the Caribbean-Jamaica that all who are high school graduates, or the equivalent, and who can benefit from the programmes and services of the College, shall be eligible for admission.  Others may also, under certain circumstances, be considered for admission.  In order to accommodate the various interests and goals of persons requesting admission to the College, applicants, depending on their objectives and educational background, are admitted to the programmes and courses of the College in the following categories: degree, diploma,  certificate, non-degree or special students.

 Admission to Bethel Bible College of the Caribbean-Jamaica is based on two (2) broad factors:

  1. Soundness in doctrine and approved Christian character, which is demonstrated by Christian stability, cooperation, and zeal in practical Christian work.
  2. Evidence of academic ability to do tertiary level studies. The academic evidence is based on completion of high school or its equivalent.

The College endeavours not to discriminate in its admissions policy on the following bases:  race, gender, colour, nationality and ethnicity.  Provisions are made for all students accepted at the College to enjoy all the rights, privileges, programmes and activities available to students.


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