Counselling & Health Services

The College offers counselling services to its students. Full-time faculty members offer counselling, advice, support, and assistance to students who are in need. This is significant because all our full-time faculty members are pastors.  In addition, senior students mentor junior students and offer counselling and guidance.

The goal of the counselling services is to see young men and women develop and celebrate wholeness in the six domains of life- spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, relational, and economical- as they themselves seek to bring wholeness to others.

 Components of the Programme

  1. Enrichment
    This includes services which will enable the student who is already in a state of wellbeing to grow and improve the quality of his or her life.

  2. Prevention
    This includes services that anticipate the deterioration of students who are at risk of moving into a dysfunctional state of being. A key aspect of the prevention programme is the spiritual formation course.

  3. Treatment
    This has to do with interventions for dysfunctional students and includes offering services which will move these students to a state of well-being. A key aspect of the treatment programme is the individual session.

A Brief Structure of the Counselling Programme

Individual Counselling

How students access the counselling service? 

  1. At the beginning of the school year each student is assessed. Students are recommended for counselling on the basis of the assessment results.
  2. By Referral: Students may be referred to the services by any member of the staff or faculty. [A referral form must be filled out by the referee.]
  3. Students who voluntarily seek help.

Effective September 2016, students will be required to undergo a thorough psychological assessment before the commencement of their Bethel journey.  This assessment must be done by a qualified clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist.  The results will be sent to the College for further action.  The College is in the process of engaging a clinical psychologist.