Church Changing Context: The Church’s Discipleship Mission and National Transformation

Earlmont Williams, D.Phil., M.A., M.Div.

Academic Dean, Bethel Bible College, Jamaica


The discipleship mission of the church should lead to national transformation.  Authentic discipleship is not merely informational; it is transformational.  This is the contention of this reflection.  Although there are prevailing understandings of discipleship that serve as models of discipleship praxis, there is a need for clarity pertaining to the role of discipleship in national development and transformation.  Some might argue that discipleship is a matter of personal and ecclesiastical importance with no national significance.  This position should not be sustained in the light of biblical and social considerations. 

Social Responsibility and the Pentecostal Church

Roy Notice, D.Min. (Colombia Seminary/UTCWI)

Former President, Bethel Bible College, Jamaica


The relevance and effectiveness of the church’s ministry have come under great scrutiny by both sceptics and saints as they wrestle with the harsh social realities around them.  As the number of congregations increases there seems to be a corresponding increase in social ills as evidenced by the high crime rate and lack of social cohesion in many societies, the increasing prevalence of HIV/AIDS, the large number of persons living in poverty and the relatively high levels of illiteracy and low levels of technological competence. The question that is frequently asked by us is, “what is the church doing?”

Lindsay Arscott Conference 2021



The Lindsay Arscott Conference is an annual event that is held in honor of the late Rev. Lindsay Adolphus Arscott, who was a former president of the Bethel Bible College of the Caribbean – Jamaica (BBCC-J). His ministry has impacted the lives of many throughout Jamaica, the Caribbean, the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. The author of Forward in Faith, Lindsay A. Arscott was a man of excellence and honour who today is acclaimed as one of the distinguished fathers of the New Testament Church of God.


On May 4, 2021, the Lindsay Arscott Conference on Pentecostalism was held virtually via the ZOOM and Facebook platforms. The theme for the Conference was ‘The Progression of Pentecostalism: Learning from the Past, Charting the Future’. The keynote speaker was Rev. Phyllis Thompson, a Pentecostal educator of the New Testament Church of God in England and Wales. She has a background in development education and pastoral ministry in the UK. She served as the National Education Director for her denomination from 2007-2018. She is the pioneer and coordinator of the New Testament Church of God Heritage Centre and the Oliver Lyseight Lectures. Her presentation was on ‘Pentecostalism in the Diaspora: The British – Caribbean Connection’. She enlightened attendees on the history of the New Testament Church of God in England and Wales, highlighting the historical connection between the churches in Great Britain and Jamaica.



Following the keynote speaker, a presentation on the history of Pentecostalism was made by the president of the BBCC-J, Rev. Dr. Donald A. Roberts. The final segment of the conference was a panel discussion moderated by Rev. Dr. Stevenson Samuels. The two panelists, Rev. Dr. Clement Clarke and Rev Dr. Earlmont Williams, shared aspects of their dissertations which provided information regarding the integration of new members into the life and ministry of the church, as well as the impact of transfers on the health of the congregation.




The attendees were students, faculty, staff, Board members of the BBCC-J, along with ministers and members of the NTCOG locally, regionally, and internationally. The conference is available for viewing on social media platform via Facebook.

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