Message From the President


Dear Bethel Family and Friends,

I extend my warmest New Year greetings to each of you. As we stride into this year, we carry the torch of our remarkable 80-year legacy, illuminating our path forward—a history rich in faith, learning, and community. Our chosen theme, “Forward Together with Agility, Innovation, and Loving Service,” is an expression of our collective ethos and an affirmation of our dedication to progressive excellence.

Reflecting on our 80th anniversary, we celebrated not just the chapters of our past but also set the stage for a future brimming with potential. Bethel Week 2023 was a testament to this spirit, uniting our college family in a celebration of our heritage and a collective quest for innovative breakthroughs. We cherish the uplifting messages, the thought-provoking lectures, the Hall of Faith inductions that paid tribute to our visionary and transformational leaders, and the historic graduation—a milestone that speaks volumes of the legacy we build upon and the profound impact we aim to sustain.

The “80 for Bethel 80” fundraising campaign, a cornerstone of our 80th anniversary, exemplifies our enduring dedication to growth and sustainability. With the generous contributions of our alumni and supporters, we will enhance our campus facilities, beginning with the much-needed renovation of the male dormitory—a space that is vital to the well-being and development of our students.

Our Short Courses Programme stands as a testament to our commitment to lifelong learning, church growth, and community engagement. Designed to cater to the diverse needs of persons within the Church, these courses offer a dynamic blend of practical skills, theological and biblical insight, and spiritual enrichment. Whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of biblical texts, enhance your counselling or public speaking skills, or develop leadership capabilities, our carefully curated courses provide the perfect platform. Taught by experienced instructors passionate about their subjects, these courses not only deliver rich academic content but also foster an environment of reflection, discussion, and personal growth. With flexible schedules and a supportive community, our Short Courses Programme is an ideal opportunity for people seeking to expand their horizons and make a meaningful impact in their personal and professional lives.

Embracing the future, we are poised at the threshold of a digital renaissance with the FACTS SIS (student information system), in collaboration with Zed Jamaica. This long-awaited digital transformation promises to streamline our operations and enhance our educational delivery. Staff, faculty, and students are about to be ushered into a new era of technological power, operational convenience, and customer service. Concurrently, our commitment to campus safety, security, and maintenance is paramount, as we steadfastly improve our living and learning spaces to foster a secure and welcoming atmosphere.

In my role as President, the strides we have taken fill me with pride, and the horizon ahead ignites my passion for the mission that lies before us. Bethel is more than an academic institution; it is a vibrant community, a family bound by the shared purpose of nurturing minds and souls for personal development, ministry impact, congregational development, and societal transformation. As we embark on this New Year, let us move with conviction and hope, ready to seize new opportunities and sculpt a trajectory that both venerates our heritage and pioneers new frontiers.

In unity, we continue to shape Bethel—not just as an institution, but as a legacy—enduring, evolving, and ever-radiant.

Together, we are Bethel—past, present, and future.

Blessings and forward strides,

Rev. Dr. Earlmont M. M. Williams